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College of the Canyons

Traditional-aged students are post-secondary students under 25 years old who enroll directly from high school; non-traditional students are typically 25 years of age or older, who may have delayed post-secondary education enrollment, are financially independent of parents, work full-time, and/or have dependents other than spouse; special populations refers to students who must overcome barriers that may require special consideration and attention to ensure equal opportunity for success and in an educational setting.

Traditional-aged students

AB540 included, and non–citizens

Geographical range of eligible students: all local students, all statewide students, all students nationally.


First-dollar programs provide tuition assistance regardless of federal financial aid. Last-dollar programs provide tuition assistance after considering federal financial aid (e.g., Pell Grant). Plus programs provide some kind of monetary support for expenses other than tuition.

Last Dollar Plus

Certificate or Associate Only

One year = two semesters; Two years (Associate Degree) = four semesters. A Promise that may go up to a Bachelor's degree level will be 4+

4 semesters semester(s)


Supports include a counselor for academic and career guidance, and a parking permit/bus pass. Certificate Skils Toolkit are available for students to help with college success

CSA programs often have specific names such as "College Kick Start" so be sure to check any college savings accounts you have to see if they are CSAs.


Program Requirements



Must be first-time


Full-time status is defined as 12 or 15 credits per semester (24 or 30 per year). Part-time is less than those levels.

12 credits per semesterand complete 27 credits by the end of the first year

While in college, what GPA do you need to keep the Promise? (Satisfactory Academic Progress, or SAP, is usually 2.0)

2.0 GPA first year and 2.5.0 GPA second year

Yes, Counseling courses are required and students must complete and education plan

College of the Canyons First Year College Promise is available to California residents who will be first–time college students. The Promise covers four or more semesters and can be used at College of the Canyons for the general education requirements needed for an Associate's or Bachelor's degree. Additionally, the Promise provides access to program–specific counselors for counseling appointments, priority registration for courses on their education plan for fall and spring semesters, parking permit or bus pass for fall and spring semesters and career and academic guidance. Must be a full–time student to receive the Promise. For more information, visit or contact
Canyon Country Campus, 17200 Sierra Highway., Santa Clarita, CA 91351


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